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Dott.ssa Alessia Del Dotto
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Dott.ssa Enrica Lo Coco
Veronica Santoni
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13 November 2017

Bimbi & CO: Christmas Concert

13 December 2013

Bimbi & CO: a great family to children with difficulties

12 March 2013

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Bimbi & Co. at TG1

12 January 2013

Christmas 2012

15 December 2012

"La nuova Voce"

14 December 2010

Bimbi e Co., serving children with autism
A trip to the difficulties faced by families in dealing with these situations and in the hopes placed in the solidarity of others

We are pleased to tell you about the initiative taken by a mother of a child with autism. The project ...

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Radio marathon for social communication promoted by the Association. All time non-profit

Interview Bimbi & Co. Onlus

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29 september 2010

Project Bimbi & Co.

Monthly "URLO del MUNICIPIO XII" City of Rome

November 2009

Bimbi e Co.: an area suitable for children!

On November 3, will open an area completely dedicated to the smallest ...

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What parents say about us:

A dyslexic child is like a child nearsighted without glasses, here Leo has found many glasses!

Fam. Macrellino

I am the mother of a 9 year old child, and finally after wasting time and money, I can be a happy mom with Bimbi & Co. They were able to give my son and me, the peace of mind to deal with the problems of dyslexia and inattention.
Thanks Bimbi&Co

Emanuela Moscetti

Enrica is a sensitive person who can speak my language. She is a mother who knows what it means when they talk about the dismay of autism! I found Bimbi & co on the internet, and since then, my life, but especially my daughter’s life has changed. Due to difficulties with the Public Health System here in Rome, I was brought to Bimbi & Co. They have provided us with family environment, but at the same time they are very professional. Bimbi & Co. welcomed us into their home and due to this, my daughter continues to show improvements on a daily basis. With the help of her therapist, progress and great strides have been reached.
This is all due to Enrica! A heartfelt thanks to Enrica!
Livia was born when she met Enrica and Chiara ....

Fam. Paolini

Francesco continues to improve.
We recognize the great work you have done with him.
We continue to see improvements month after month. In the end, Franceso was able to catch up.

Thank you

Fam. Florenzano

A big thanks for your work and commitment to the services you provide.

Fam. Denzler

Compliments on your commitment and passion you put into your work every day!

Fam. Cecchinelli

Great job and thank you for everything!

Fam. Marano

Bimbi & Co. is like a second family

    Bimbi & Co. Onlus Centro per la famiglia - C.F. 97570640587 - Sede Legale: Largo Luigi Antonelli, 9 00145 Roma
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